In this tutorial, we will see how to easily limit your network bandwidth under Fedora or CentOS systems. This tip is useful for users who are sharing their internet connection with other users. The best tool you can use to throttle your network bandwidth is wondershaper which will limit rate-limit bandwidth for any network interface.

Wondershaper Installation

To install  wondershaper on CentOS 7/6 or Fedora 21/20, open thet terminal and issue these commands:

su - 
sudo yum install wondershaper 
Wondershaper Usage

Here is the basic usage for Wondershaper:

wondershaper network_interface download_rate upload_rate

The simplest way to list all network interfaces is by running this command:

ifconfig -a

For example, to rate-limit download/upload for your interface (eth0), you can run this command:

wondershaper eth0 1024 512 

    Download ---> 1024 Kbit/s
    Upload --- > 512 Kbit/s

To undo the limit set on your network interface, write this:

wondershaper clear eth0

If you have more tools for controlling network bandwidth, please share them with us using the comment form listed below.

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