In this tutorial, we will see how to properly install Linux Guest Additions for Fedora 21/20 or older. If your Guest Additions installation fails and also you cannot use the shared clipboard and drag n drop features, then this guide will help you fix this problem.

When Guest Additions setup fails, you may see this output:

Building the main Guest Additions module                   [FAILED]


You need simply to update your current Linux kernel using this command:

yum -y update kernel

Next install these packages:

yum -y install dkms kernel-headers kernel-devel gcc gcc-c++

Now restart the virtual machine and re-install Guest Additions by following these steps:

Open the VM for Fedora and click Devices >> Insert Guest Additions CD image:

Now the CD is mounted and accessible via your file manager:

Use the terminal and access the CD folder and run this command to install Linux Guest Additions:

sudo ./VBoxLinuxAdditions.run 

If the installation is successful, you will see this output:

Restart again your VM (optional)..

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